About iSoft and Iuli
Well, iSoft concept borned in 2006, two years ago, when someone created his first application. Yes, that someone was me and the application was SysInfo. At that time, the world of coding was a new world to me, totaly unknown (yep, even now it has mysteries for me), but i started exploring it slowly, but surely.

iSoft comes from "Iuli Soft". Some of my friends thought that i was affiliated with Apple, but this site has no connections with them.

About myself, what can i say ? I'm living in Romania. I'm still a student and i'm still learnig (doh ...!). I like programming (which i enjoy so much) and in free time i do some gfx.

Thanks to : -Siginet for hosting SFXMaker.
                 -our Testing and Translation Team.
                 - every user of SFXMaker.