Changelog (list of changes)

25.02.2013 -- 1.3.1 Final
-Added Windows 8 support
-Added information GUI about SFXMaker's future
-Added better support for larger files (more than 2 GB installers)
-Updated some language files
-Fixed small bug with project files (*.sfp)

22.08.2012 -- 1.3.1 Beta
-"Desktop Icon" check by default in the setup menu (it is useful when creating a silent installer)
-Updated some silent switches
-Fixed some strings in the language files
-Fixed bug when selecting "Use EXEs Icon" and then selecting another icon
-Some code optimizations for x64 systems
-Added German language
-Added support for project files (*.sfp). You can edit these with Notepad (standard INI file) and create them by exporting via File menu.

18.04.2012 -- 1.3 Final
-Cleaned code (again)
-Updated language files
-Fixed small bug with proxy detection
-Fixed bug with UAC permissions (thanks to ELiTE)

02.02.2012 -- 1.3 RC1
-Added Donate link in the About menu
-Added internal compiling code. The installer is created much faster now and the creation progress is much accurate
-Fixed SysInfo bug. SFXMaker will not display it now if object creation failes
-Fixed bug when SFXMaker was deleting 7zs.sfx in some cases
-Fixed bug with "Always make nLite Addon" setting. It should work fine now

03.12.2011 -- 1.3 Beta
-Some code improvements
-Added auto proxy detection when checking for updates
-Added support for PEiD. Now you can use any of these two plugins, you have just to select which one from Settings
-Fixed bug with the inclusion of some special files names (no extension files, for example)
-Fixed a small bug with VersionInfo string changing code
-Internal icon changing code. Much faster, especially for bigger executables
-Removed ResHack
-Updated 7zsd.sfx, Exeinfo PE and 7-zip modules

06.01.2011 -- 1.2.1 Final
-Removed nConvert because it was replaced with an internal icon conversion engine
-Fixed bug when changing icon with an *.ico file
-Fixed small bugs
-Updated plugins
-Added Dutch, Turkish, Simplified Chinese and Farsi

12.03.2010 -- 1.2.1 RC1
-Minor bug fixes
-Updated 7zS.sfx module
-Removed Firefox, IE and WMP installer detection (pretty useless and outdated)
-Fixed VersionInfo (Edit Strings) changing/updating code with new re-written code. Now it works for everyone !

23.12.2009 -- 1.2.1 Beta
-Updated Firefox detection to 3.5.5
-Fixed pointing to the selected directory when browse file to run was clicked
-Fixed "Insuficient memory" errors for larger files

20.09.2009 -- 1.2 Final
-Updated Firefox detection to 3.5.3
-Fixed few minor bugs
-Cleaned source code (it was a real mess there :P)

29.07.2009 -- 1.2 RC3
-Removed GoRC, since we no longer need it for rc2res conversion
-Re-wrote code for editing VersionInfo (Edit Strings) with internal code. It should work for everyone now
-Fixed a bug into the icon extraction engine
-Added more debugging info. SFXMaker will save info for every installer you create. Just run it with /debug switch
-Added detection for Windows XP Embedded, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2

26.06.2009 -- 1.2 RC2
-Added French
-Translated the strings from ChooseIcon GUI (thanks to Google Translate)
-Fixed bug when no icon was selected from ChooseIcon GUI
-Fixed bug when no switches were specified and Create nLite Addon was checked. In this case, SFXMaker was creating no nLite Addon
-Fixed "Check Updates" button in the Sttings GUI. It was not working at all
-Fixed some labels length and Settings GUI Title
-Fixed Icon Extraction. Much faster and stable now, working for all kind of executables (both 16bit and 32bit)

21.05.2009 -- 1.2 RC1
-Added IE8 Detection
-Fixed bug with extracting icons from non-supported formats, which are now excluded. In this case, SFXMaker was crashing
-Fixed bug in Directory Tab, when retrieving supported formats. SFXMaker will now return only supported formats
-Updated Firefox Detection to 3.0.10

15.04.2009 --1.2 Beta
-Updated Firefox Detection to 3.0.8
-Other small fixes
-Fixed Edit Strings
-Fixed update bug (again)
-Added support for use of any executable icon

22.03.2009 -- 1.1 Final
-Fixed bug with transperency to SFXMaker's GUIs
-Update 7-zip modules(thanks to Oleg_Sch) and executables to 4.65
-Update ExeInfo PE to - 470 sign
-Updated Firefox detection to 3.0.7

17.01.2009 -- 1.1 RC1
-Re-Added Spanish and Italian
-New tag in every SFX Installer created with SFXMaker from now on - "Compiled by SFXMaker"
-Fixed bug with a Settings label. The text was not applied after selecting a new language
-SFXMaker now remembers the settings after creating an installer/addon
-Updated 7-zip to 4.62
-Updated ExeInfo PE to - 445 sign
-Updated Firefox detection to 3.0.5

13.12.2008 -- 1.1 Beta
-Added more settings
-Added ability to run SFXMaker w/ Splash Screens or System Info
-Added support for nLite Addons. SFXMaker can make now nLite compatible Addons. More info below
-Added Basic debugging engine. Run SFXMaker with /debug switch and watch for debug.log
-Added new Settings GUI
-Removed Spanish and Italian, because they need to be updated
-Removed Settings Tab

29.11.2008 -- 1.0 Final
-Fixed small bugs

21.11.2008 -- 1.0 RC3
-Updated Firefox detection to 3.0.4
-Added REG files support, as jamshed_11946 strongly asked for it
-Fixed TAB order with Edit Strings controls
-Fixed bug with settings. SFXMaker was always writing 0

02.11.2008 -- 1.0 RC2
-Added Splash screen
-Fixed bug when creating installer and no switches and output path were specified. SFXMaker was stuck when compiling executable
-Fixed some labels
-Fixed some interface problems
-Removed tray icon

19.10.2008 -- 1.0 RC1
-Updated Firefox detection to 3.0.3
-Fixed some little bugs
-Fixed a bug in update checker (again)
-Fixed bug with batch files. A forgoten variable made 1.0 Beta has no support for batch files
-Fixed bug with Edit Strings. The strings were not updated with the one user was selecting
-Fixed "Use last icon" bug. SFXMaker was not using last used icon, if this was checked
-Fixed bug when Settings Tab was active and users was selecting a Output Path. In this case, SFXMaker was crashing

02.10.2008 -- 1.0 Beta
-Added support for running files in other directory than the root. However, it will not automaticaly recurse the subdirectories
-Added Basic System Info. May be useful sometimes :)
-Added support for .vbs files and .inf files. However, this needs testing
-Added ability to remember the last used icon and use it without selecting it everytime
-Removed 7zng.sfx (sfx module for non-gui installers) because i wrote an internal function to support this
-Fixed a bug with progress. Sometimes, it was starting over from 0%.
-Fixed a huge bug which was stopping the switchless installers to work on some systems. Thanks to amitri for his patience and help with bug-fixing
-Fixed bug when running msi files. The installer was giving an error
-Fixed bug in the Update Checker. Update was found, even if SFXMaker was at the last version

05.09.2008 -- 0.9 Beta
-Added PNG and GIF support for icons. Now you can use these formats for SFX Installer Icon
-Added Tray Menu
-Added option to create a switchless installer for an entire directory
-Updated 7-Zip to 4.60
-Fixed bug when a Batch file was selected firstly. In this case, some control were enabled, but had no functionality
-Fixed bug in the Update Checker when no internet connectivity was available. In this case, SFXMaker was crashing
-Fixed bug when selecting "Use EXEs Icon"

16.08.2008 -- 0.8 Beta
-Added Transparency to GUI while moving it
-Added Update Checker
-Added multi-language support
-Added About GUI
-Added Settings Tab
-Updated 7-Zip to 4.59
-Removed logo_.jpg from gfx directory.
-Some improvements in the silent switches finder engine
-Rewritten code. Faster, smarter and bug free (hope so)
-Fixed bug in installer. It was not overwriting new files
-Fixed bug in silent switches finder engine. When ExeInfoPE was not determinating installer type, it was returning 0.
-Fixed bug when initial installer path was typed. In this case, check for switches button was still disabled

28.07.2008 -- 0.7 Final
-Some small bug-fixes
-A bit of improvement and rewritten code
-Added option to use icon from the initial installer

18.07.2008 -- 0.7 RC1
-Updated Firefox 3 detection to Firefox 3.0.1.
-Removed multiple files support. It was too unstable and unusual, since there will be added support for an entire directory
-Fixed bug when "X" was pressed and SFXMaker was not responding
-Fixed bug when installer path was introduced from keyboard. In this case, switches controls were still disabled
-Fixed WMP11 detection bug. Now it works

08.07.2008 -- 0.7 Beta
-Added support for multiple files. Now, multiple files can be included in the installer, that can be ran through a batch file. SFXMaker will automatically pick the Batch file. Multiple Batch files are not supported yet
-Added support for Batch files (.bat and .cmd)
-Added IE7, WMP11 and Firefox 3 detection
-Now switches controls are initially disabled
-Some improvements when compiling executable
-Fixed bug when ".exe" string was not specified when saving the new file. In that case, SFXMaker was crashing
-Fixed some misspeled strings in Message Boxes
-Fixed bug when plugins folder was missing. In this case, SFXMaker started to behave strangly
-Fixed bug when no switches were found. It wasn't showing any Dialog, like in previous version

24.06.2008 -- 0.6 Beta
-Added possibility to make SFX Installer with or without GUI/Progress
-Added .msi support
-Added ExePeInfo.exe, which replaces PEiD.exe
-Updated 7zS.sfx to the latest version ( 4.58 )
-Removed PEiD.exe because it was outdated
-Fixed bug when compiling the new executable and that executable already exists
-Fixed bug when updating progress
-Fixed bug when creating installer, but no switches specified.
-Fixed bug in switches finder engine

19.06.2008 -- 0.5 Beta
-initial release