Frequently Asked Questions
Welcome to the frequently asked questions section of SFXMaker.
Q : What is SFXMaker ?
A : SFXMaker is a tool used to create switchless installers or a silent installer. If you don't know what it is, please refer to this site.
Q : Who is the developer of SFXMaker ?
A : The developer of SFXMaker is me, Iuli, which is actually my real name. I'm the only
developer at this time.
Q : How is "SFXMaker" spelled ?
A : Can you believe this ? People asked me even how SFXMaker is spelled. Well ... i
spell it myself how it written "eSeFeX"Maker, but you can pronounce it as you like.
Q : When will the next version of SFXMaker be released ?
A : Well, i don't know. I don't have a fix schedule, so please don't ask such questions. It'll be released when it will.
Q : Do i need AutoIT to run SFXMaker ?
A : No, you don't need AutoIT to run SFXMaker. As it is compiled, it comes in executable form, so you won't need anything to run it.
Q : Can i become a SFXMaker Developer ?
A : Yes, you can ... as soon as you prove yourself capable of developing and come with new stuff that will improve SFXMaker.
Q : Can i have SFXMaker source code or can i access it ?
A : No, this is strictly for the Code Team Members and for Developers.