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Welcome to iSoft Official Webpage and Homepage of Iuli, a freelance software developer based in Romania. You can find here several tools, all being FREEWARE, for differentpurposes.

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SFXMaker 1.3.1 Final Realeased - Posted on 25/02/2013, 21:27 by Iuli

    Glad to see you in 2013 ... with a new SFXMaker version, 1.3.1 Final. You can check the changes in changelog page. What took me so long to get the final version up ? Quite a long story there.
    Anyway, i have a big announcement to make, since this will be the last version of SFXMaker build by me. Yep, you heard it right. I know, it's quite sad, since there's a strong comunity back there who uses my little tool. Reason is simple : full-time job, which takes all my free time.
    If there are any interested developers who want to continue what i've build up until now, feel free to contact me, more to discuss in private.
    Also, i set up a pledgie account, so, if no one is interested to be an independent developer, i will open source SFXMaker after i reach the goal. More details on pledgie page !
    Click here to lend your support to: SFXMaker - a switchless installer creation software and make a donation at www.pledgie.com !
    Best of luck in life, dear users of SFXMaker !

SFXMaker 1.3.1 Beta Realeased - Posted on 22/08/2012, 11:51 by Iuli

    Hello there people on the Internet,
    There you got, a fresh new version of SFXMaker, just cooked up. As requested, i added SFXMaker project files (*.sfp). It uses standard INI files which can be edited via Notepad and created by exporting through the File menu. For a more detailed list, check changelog page.
    Translators, please update your language files and send them to me. If you find any bugs, please report. Also, if you have any requests, feel free to contact me about them.
    If you like SFXMaker, please consider making a donation to show your support and help.

SFXMaker 1.3 Final Realeased - Posted on 18/04/2012, 13:47 by Iuli

    Hello there,
    Here you have a final version of SFXMaker. It is basically the RC1 version with some important bug fixes and updates (see changelog).
    There's nothing more to say but happy silence spreading over your applications :)
    If you like SFXMaker please consider making a donation to show your support and help and to keep the development process active.

SFXMaker 1.3.0 RC1 Realeased - Posted on 02/02/2012, 12:15 by Iuli

    First of all, i want to say a Happy New Year to everyone ! (a bit late, i know)
    Here you have a new version of SFXMaker, the first release candidate for a final version. It comes with some reported fixes and, the most important thing, with internal sfx compiling code which, you will see, it's much faster and accurate :) For full changelog, check out the changelog page.
    If you like SFXMaker, please consider making a donation to show your support and help and to ecourage me to continue the development process.

SFXMaker 1.3.0 Beta Realeased - Posted on 03/12/2011, 16:59 by Iuli

    Hello there people,
    It's been a while since i last wrote something here, or came with something new. Almost a year, if i make the computation.
    Nevermind, the most important thing is that this project is still alive, but it's not because of me, it's because of you, user of SFXMaker. I received a lot of mails to encourage me to continue what i've started. And so i did.
    You have a fresh version of SFXMaker, just cooked. It comes with a lot of fixes, some important improvements which will surely make your life easier and some new features. You may consider it a Christmas present :). For details, check out changelog page.
    I ran into some financial problems, so if you like SFXMaker and want to keep the development process going on, please consider making a donation via PayPal system, to sfxmaker [at] ymail [dot] com, to show your support.
    Now, feedback me ! :-D

SFXMaker 1.2.1 Final Realeased - Posted on 06/01/2011, 17:14 by Iuli

    Ho-ho, Merry Christmas everyone. Oops ! I mean Happy New Year ! Anyway ...
    As you may see (yes is a miracle, i can't believe myself) i finally released the final version of SFXMaker 1.2.1. Almost over an year since RC ... but good to be here.
    To see changes, check Changelog, if you encounter any more bugs, report.
    Now comes the part i hate the most. About the future of this project. Pretty cloudy, i may say. Some points :
    - This is the last version written in AutoIT (i may change my mind if someone will give me a good reason to continue with au3);
    - I would really like to continue this project, but after a while coding the same thing becomes boring. I feel like i'm developing an application just for me, with no actual users out there. If someone sees this message and is considering that my SFXMaker development should continue, send me feedback (via e-mail most probably, forums are down), telling me why he does so.
    - If, by any chance, this project will continue, i would like to set up a mini dev-team, to work for a brand new SFXMakert, written maybe in C/C++. Dunno.
    Waiting feedback and messages ! Ta-la !

SFXMaker 1.2.1 RC1 Realeased - Posted on 13/03/2010, 13:07 by Iuli

    You may have thought that his project may be dead, but you're not even a little close to the truth. Here's a new version, after about 3 months.
    Finally, i have fixed the VersionInfo changing/updating code. Works for everyone now. I also removed WMP, IE, and Firefox detection support, because it was pretty useless and outdated. Take a look to the changelog page to see the exact changes.
    I have big plans for future development of SFXMaker, like internal code implementation for everything this tool needs, with no more plugins. Also, in future releases, the GUI will be redesigned, allowing you to do more than you cand even imagine. Keep checking this page frequently !
    Best of luck,

SFXMaker 1.2.1 Beta Realeased - Posted on 23/12/2009, 00:01 by Iuli

    It's been a while since i last released SFXMaker, mainly because the entire work i do is overwhelming. Anyway, here's a new Beta, but unfortunatly, without the manual i promised to include in this version.Sorry guys, but it is unfinished.
    Check changelog to see changes :)
    Happy holidays !

iChecker 1.2.5 Final Released - Posted on 22/10/2009, 15:03 by Iuli

    A fresh version of iChecker that comes with the newly fixed check engine. A bug in that engine was generating some wrong results in some cases. Thanks to my friend Saurabh, that helped me fixing that.
    -Few improvements
    -Fixed check engine
    Happy checking !

SFXMaker 1.2 Final Released - Posted on 20/09/2009, 13:22 by Iuli

    It's been almost 2 months since i last released SFXMaker, but it worth it. I may say that you have the most stable and faster version of SFXMaker now with the update, but i will let you say your opinion.
    Check changelog to see changes and please post if you encounter any problem/bug or you wish to make a suggestion.

iChecker 1.2.4 Final Released - Posted on 28/08/2009, 10:52 by Iuli

    Here is a new version of iChecker, which comes with some fixes and plus more stability. It should check users faster now, due to optimizes checking engine.
    -Optimized check engine. It should work faster now
    -You can send files now to the ID you check
    -Added Command Line support. Just run iChecker with the ID as first parameter (iChecker.exe /yahoo_id)
    -Added checking for invalid IDs
    Happy spying !

SFXMaker 1.2 RC3 Realeased - Posted on 29/07/2009, 00:31 by Iuli

    As i announced on my blog, a new version of SFXMaker is ready. Basically, this version comes with important bug fixes, plus more functionality.
    Practically, i fixed EditString (VersionInfo), using now internal code, no more 3rd party applications. Check changelog for more info !
    Happy silence spreading :D !

SFXMaker 1.2 RC2 Released - Posted on 26/06/2009, 14:23 by Iuli

    It's been over a month since i last released SFXMaker, but the delay is worth it. I can say that this is the best version of SFXMaker ever. Why ? Well, firstly, it's very fast. I re-wrote some code to speed-up things, especially the icon extraction. Moreover, it is damn stable, with some important bugs fixed. See changelog for more info.
    Have fun and report any bugs you may encounter. Happy silence spreading ! :P

iChecker 1.2.3 Final Released - Posted on 22/06/2009, 11:35 by Iuli

    This is a fast update due to a bug in the invisible detection engine which made iChecker always return offline. It should work fine now.
    -Fixed a bug in the invisible detection engine
    -Now, iChecker will check if the Y!M ID you have introduced really exists. If not found, iChecker will stop check for it's availability
    Any feedback and suggestions are welcomed. Also, if you encounter problems, please fost on forums.

iChecker 1.2.2 Final Released - Posted on 13/06/2009, 06:13 by Iuli

    This is a fast update, due to a bug for invisible detection. It should work better now :). Happy checking !
    -Fixed a bug for invisible detection engine
    -Updated resource information (forgot to do that for 1.2.1 Final)
    -Other small fixes

SFXMaker 1.2 RC1 Released - Posted on 21/05/2009, 23:45 by Iuli

    Well, yesterday i updated iChecker and i thought it would be better to update SFXMaker too. So here it is :).
    Basicaly, it comes with some fixes and updates. Also, some users reported me that Edit Strings is working, some that it doesn't. For those who it doesn't work, please contact me on forums.
    Spread the silence over your apps now ;) !

iChecker 1.2.1 Final Released - Posted on 20/05/2009, 19:02 by Iuli

    Here is a new version of iChecker, the Y!M user status checker, with some improvements. Check changelog below :)
    -Added Update Checker
    -iChecker will check for introduced ID when Enter key is pressed
    -New About GUI
    -iChecker now remembers every ID typed in the InputBox
    -iChecker now checks for Internet availability. If no Internet connection is found, it will exit
    -Fixed bug when Y!M was not installed.iChecker was crashing in this case
    Happy Checking ! If any bugs found, please post them on forums.

New Site layout - Posted on 21/04/2009, 19:00 by Iuli

    We have a new site layout, featuring Windows Se7en Style. It was absolutelly necessary, since the old one was so ulgy and outdated.
    Report any bugs you may encounter on forum.
    Waiting for feedback and suggestions,

SFXMaker 1.2 Released - Posted on 15/04/2009, 03:54 by Iuli

    A new version, featuring executable icon extraction and some fixes. See changelog for the list of changes.
    Report any bugs to forum, or to admin@iSoft-online.com .
    Thanks, Iuli.